Should You Consider Buying Organic & Natural Bath Bombs?

unscented cbd bath bomb

All of us have been dealing with anxiety and stress for a long time now as the pandemic turned our lives upside down for almost one and a half years now. People have resorted to different methods to cope with the downsides of these lifestyle changes, and among them, one of the fastest-growing trends was using organic & natural bath bombs. Today, we will have a look at whether you should buy them or not. 


Bath bombs are becoming increasingly popular as they provide extensive skin nourishment and repair the damage caused by the aging of cells, pollutants, and chemicals. However, the list of its potential benefits is even longer. But before we dig deeper into the benefits of using organic & natural bath bombs, we would like to stress the importance of buying genuine organic bath bombs only as doing otherwise would not render any of the benefits discussed here. 

Organic Bath Bombs: All Your Questions Answered


Typically, a bath bomb is a softball made up of essential oils dissolved in hot water. It generates a lot of aromas depending on the oils and the perfume used in preparing it. You need to put it in warm water inside your bathtub before you start bathing. It is beneficial as the humidity and warmth of the water will open your skin pores, and all the organic oils will easily enter your skin to unfurl their magic. 


Organic bath bombs come with many derived oils that help detoxify your skin by stimulating your body to release toxins at a cellular level. In addition, natural ingredients like cocoa butter and avocados help moisturize your skin and provide it the much-needed conditioning. These bath bombs may also contain medicinal herb-based oils, which make a perfect therapeutic choice. It is especially useful in cases where a patient cannot go for a holistic oil massage. You also don’t need to travel, which makes it a great alternative.


Looking at these aspects, we can agree with the fact that such items make medication accessible and safe for people who don’t want to visit their therapists or masseuses often. However, it is noteworthy that you make the purchase from a trusted seller like AlkiCBD, as the bath bombs need to be free from any sort of adulteration, filler materials, and toxic agents. You can contact AlkiCBD to get all-natural bath bombs which are available in different formulations, to benefit from a wide range of essential oils and medicinal herbs. 

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Ingredient Information

Sodium Bicarbonate & Citric Acid: Otherwise known as baking soda and Vitamin C. These two ingredients combined create the “fizzy” effect of a bath bomb.

Epsom Salt: Epsom salt baths can help soften rough or dry skin and can exfoliate dead skin cells. It also aids in reducing soreness & pain.

Corn Starch: Corn starch manages the fizzing reaction of the ingredients; so if you drop your bath bomb in the water, it will not “explode”!

Sunflower Oil: Sunflower oil is a non-comedogenic carrier oil which is highly absorbent. In short: sunflower oil won’t clog your pores. Additionally, it is non-irritating for most people and can be used on all skin types.

Water: What scientists refer to as H20.

Organic Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol (CBD): CBD is a naturally occurring & non-intoxicating cannabinoid (chemical compound) found in both hemp and cannabis plants.

Aromatherapy Oils: Aromatherapy is simply the combination of essential oils for therapeutic benefit. When inhaled, the molecules in essential oils work their way from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain and can positively impact the amygdala, which is the emotional center of the brain.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA): SLSa is derived from coconut and palm oils. SLSa is safe and skin-friendly.

Mica Powder: The biggest benefit of mica is its ability to create a natural shimmery finish, since it can be milled to a fine powder. It is naturally produced and safe to use on almost all skin types.

Polysorbate 80: A vegetable-sourced emulsifier that is skin-safe. Polysorbate 80 helps ingredients mix throughout the water instead of separating, which will make your bath bomb experience even better!